Temperature is 33℃.
And the humidity is 70%.
July in Yatsushiro is intense.
Close up igsa field.
They are pretty tall.
“The length” and “the color” decides the quality of igsa.
They raise igsa with the net so that they will not be destroyed by the rain and the wind.
She is removing the net by hand for the harvesting tomorrow.
A lot of red dragonfly came after chasing small bugs which came out from the net.
In the intense heat, find the shade and take a break.
Harvesting machine, "Igsa harvester", appears.
Igsa harvester put them together automatically and make this process a lot easier.
Pile up a bunch of igsas.
They share the work with two of them.
Closely dense roots.
Red and fresh.
The next process is mudding.
Put harvested igsa into mud in order to promote drying.
They also work on this process together.
He even drives a heavy machine.
Igsas are waiting for mudding.
They are protected from the sunshine by wrapping with old tatami mats.
Dry igsas after mudding.
This process is the toughest work.
Mud dries in a closed room where hot air still remains and flies in the intense heat.
Certainly, harsh.
All males of igsa farmers are muscular.
He is also one of them. So cool.
When you dry igsa, chlorophyll is fixed and prevents discoloration due to the influence of light.
After dry them carefully, wrap them with the lightproof black vinyl.
Bunches of igsas.
They are waiting for being dried.
Dried igsa.
They are tightly dyed in mud.
Align the length of igsas to knit tatami mat.
Delightful mechanical sound.
Tightly closed factory.
He is all of a sweat working here.
Undo the rope, measure it, and tie it again.
Sounds of machine works.
The speed and the accuracy are the technique of a superior craftsperson.
Just to be sure, check the length by hand.
The knitting machine weaves the tatami mat.
This is the moment when igsa turns from an agricultural product to an industrial product.
Closely weaved meshes feels good.
At the end, rearrange them in alignment by hand.
The finished tatami mats.
They are what are called “goza” mat.
It’s almost done, finally.
Saw the tatami mat to the floor.
Piles, needles, and threads.
This is also a hard work.
The machine sews the tatami mat on the floor.
A long journey of igsa.
It finally comes to the end.
Japanese style room definitely feels comfortable.
An old couple of the igsa field.
After the intense and featureless work,
we found their true smiles.